Good for the planet & good for the soul.

Eco-positive coffins designed for the 21st century
Things you may want to know

Personal, eco-friendly & fair.


In today’s world, our Victorian values no longer make sense.

The way we currently bury or cremate our loved ones is not sustainable.

And besides… your funeral is your last hurrah, right?

…So shouldn’t your koffin be as unique as you are?

Koffin Eco Coffins are:

  • Good for the environment, producing no more CO2 than natural wood when burnt or buried.
  • Fully customisable, and we mean fully customisable… decorate it, print on it, attach something 3D to it. There are no limits.
  • Free of glues, metals and toxins.


A very special man, and a true celebration of his life!
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Mike Lythgoe

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