Designed for now.

A brand new, modern look...

Designed for style, strength, practicality and environmental sustainability, the Koffin is a sleek, smooth, oval shape.

Compliant with all regulations and sizes for burial or cremation, a Koffin fits standard furnances and hearses.

The oval shape also makes them 10% wider than traditional coffins, so there’s something to suit – whatever size you need.

...that's good for the environment

Koffins come in two parts – the ‘base’ and the ‘lid’. The lid is completely smooth, but the base has been designed for grip.

The base and lid fasten together using 12 turn screws, made from the same material as the Koffin itself.

(Which means no glues, metals or non-gradable screws… no toxins, unfriendly chemicals or superfluous frills.)

koffin universe
koffin handwriting
koffin ynwa

more practical than ever...

Minimising transport costs and saving space – Koffins stack base-in-base and lid-in-lid.

Koffins are carried just like traditional coffins and can be delivered only as and when you require them.

...and completely customisable.

Koffins can be adorned with hand-written messages, they can be your favourite colour, they can display your favourite photos, or memories from times gone by.

They can literally be, well… anything you want.

Any colour. Any pattern. Any image. Any combination. Any shape (3D printing).

Custom Koffins can be pre-ordered and planned in advance.

Don't know where you'd store it? Not an issue.

You can order it now, but arrange that it's delivered only when its required.

Discuss your design with us: