We set out to be able to deliver next day, but we are just starting up and will build up so our very first customers are invited to pre-order so we have enough stock to ensure next day delivery for everyone who orders in the future.

Our coffins will be available in 5 sizes, but for now we have one size

Orders for natural coffins can be cancelled before they are dispatched. Cancellation after dispatch falls into the return policy

There is a 14 day return policy. Natural Koffins or one-colour Koffins are fully refundable except for transport costs if the coffin hasn’t been used, damaged or changed in any way. Bespoke, highly personalized Koffins are generally non-refundable.

All of our Koffins are checked before they are dispatched. It’s your responsibility to inspect your Koffin on delivery to check for any possible damaged in delivery (we rely on other companies to deliver). If there is damage call us immediately. We will try our best to replace you Koffin as soon as physically possible.

Pre-order coffins. Paid for in advance and designs are chosen. Payment for the Koffin and the design are in advance. You can pre- pay in installments to suit you. Should you require Koffin before all payments have been made the balance will need to be paid in advance of dispatching a coffin or decorating it.

You can change your mind about your design or finish right up till the time you want or need it made. Its your responsibility to keep the design ideas updated. We will only decorate the Koffin for you when you need it, or when you want it delivered.

If you order a bespoke Koffin we will consult you on images and designs so you get what you want and not some bad interpretation of your idea. (ie the ‘wrong pink’ could be awful – give us as much information as possible!)

If you are not happy with the Koffin you have bought, talk to us. If its not faulty and correctly supplied we don’t cover transport costs. If you are returning it, we recommend you use a service that provides proof that the Koffin has been delivered back to us and a signed-for service.

Whilst our Koffin is the most ECO we can make it and all of our materials are as animal and planet friendly as possible, we do not guarantee the materials used by people decorating the Koffins themselves and we will only put our eco-srickers on coffins we have decorated at the Koffin Company for this very reason. We strongly encourage you to use bio-paints and processes and materials if you are decorating your own Koffin. Just a little finger print of coloured powder paint can make a very strong statement by everyone saying goodbye. Or use spices and natural colourings?

If you are bulk-buying Koffins (funeral planners and directors) We deliver bulk quantities of Koffns in returnable packaging. It is your responsibility to return the packaging within 14 days.

If you have pre-paid for your Koffin and the price changes we will only decrease and not increase the price of your Koffin – ie purchase date guarantees maximum price you will pay. Any savings through increased demand and production will be passed on to our customers. This is what makes us stand out. We are not here to rip you off.

Next day delivery means next day delivery. People don’t stop dying at the weekend but we are at the mercy of delivery companies, so we can not totally guarantee this will happen. We will refund you the additional cost of next day delivery but your Koffin arriving a bit late doesn’t entitle you to cancel your order.

All in all, we understand that even contemplating ordering a Coffin or Koffin and getting one delivered anywhere – to a funeral director or to your home or chapel of rest is not the easiest of circumstance to be in. We will try to help you however we can to make the best experience for you in a difficult time.

Thank you
Gina Czarnecki