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Koffin in its natural colour.  A statement about modernity, efficiency, functionality and beauty.

A smooth matt finish you can also decorate yourselves.

Want to paint to yourself? Use a water-based eco paint and roller it on with a small sponge roller.


Delivery: We are taking pre-orders now. Once in production these will take 24-48 hours from order to delivery in mainland UK.



Koffin in its natural material colour.

1 review for Unadorned

  1. Jonathon Kinsey-Brackenbury

    Absolutely brilliant idea and design…..perfect for those who wish to slip the surly bonds of life quietly, ecofriendly and without the expense and overblown fuss of ‘traditional’ overcharging Funeral Directors…..my plan involves my EPV…it’s trailer and then by Man & Van to Crem….will be painting my own koffin with one of my distinctive artworks and having all my friends autograph it at the pre burn tour around town and local pub wake….No Veterans Orgs invited.

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