1. A long, narrow box, typically of wood, in which a dead body is buried or cremated.



1. A light, eco-friendly capsule made from bioplastic, in which a dead body is buried or cremated.

The way we live has changed dramatically over the last century.

For some reason, the way we say goodbye hasn’t.

With endless technology at our fingertips and the ability to make things greener and fairer for future generations…

Isn’t it about time someone redesigned the coffin?

The cost of funerals has risen by 75% in the last 10 years.

When a loved one dies, the last thing anybody wants to think about is money — or worse, lack of it. Plus, in today’s world, our victorian values no longer make sense.

The way we currently bury or cremate our loved ones is poisoning the earth.

Besides… your funeral is your last hurrah, right?

…So shouldn’t your coffin be as unique as you are?